SHOPEE – Tiêu chí và quy trình xét duyệt Shop Yêu Thích

1. What is Favorite Shop?

Shops selected by Shopee based on sales and good performance to become a Favorite Shop will receive unique benefits. You will be labeled as Favorites on the Shop and product when displayed.

2. Benefits of Shopee’s Favorite Shop

The benefits of your favorite shop on Shopee include:

  1. Get Buyer’s Trust 
  2. Attract more Buyers because the Favorite Shop label represents a guarantee for the quality of the Shop’s products and services 
  3. Increase search rankings

3. How to become a Favorite Shop?

Shops need to meet the following criteria to be considered a Favorite Shop

  1. Good sales
  2. Quick chat response and good customer service
  3. Fast and on-time order processing 
  4. Comply with Shopee’s sales policy and have no penalty points Dumbbell Stars
  5. There is a good amount of Shop reviews and product reviews

The Favorite Shop review process has the following start and end times:

  1. Start : 16:00 – Every Thursday: Shopee sends an update notice of ID card to Shops. Shops will update their ID card at the notice in accordance with regulations before 16:00 – Friday of the same week receiving notice from Shopee. 
  2. End : Next Monday: Shopee assigns the title of Favorite Shop and sends notifications to Shops.

Specific timelines for targets: 

  1. Dumbell Star penalty points: points are accumulated quarterly and every 3 months.
  2. Số đơn hàng thành công/ Số khách hàng/ Số ngày vi phạm tỷ lệ hàng đặt trước/ Các Tiêu chuẩn Cộng Đồng: tính trong 30 ngày gần nhất của thứ Hai hàng tuần.
  3. Tỷ lệ đơn hàng không thành công/ Tỷ lệ đơn hàng giao trễ: tính trong 07 ngày gần nhất của thứ Hai hàng tuần.
  4. Chat Response Rate / Shop Review Score / Pre-order Rate : the index is updated at the Seller’s Channel every Monday.


+ Shop may be refused to participate in the review of the Favorite Shop program for at least 3 months if it violates the community standards cũng như đăng bán sản phẩm của Shopee.

+ Shop will be removed the Favorite Shop label if it does not satisfy the above criteria and conditions. See details HERE .