1. What is a hopper product?

A funnel product is a product designed and underpriced to :

  • Help convert as many “leads” into “customers” as possible.
  • Is a product to pull customers’ organic visits to the store’s store.

For funnel products, the goal is not to make a profit. Which to dramatically increase the number of products and store visits. From there, expand to other products on the business’s booth and increase the average value of the order .

2. Criteria for choosing funnel products

Select according to the following criteria:

– Large market demand

Because if the market demand is too small, it will be difficult to sell many goods.

– Based on the shop’s main product

Because funnel products main purpose is not to make a profit but to expand to other products of the store.

Meanwhile, the main products are the main products that the shop sells and directly generates profits.

Therefore, to pull customers from funnel products to buying mainstream products, when choosing funnel products, they must be based on “relevance” with the mainstream product.
– Cheap, easy to buy

Cheap, easy-to-buy products are often very popular with customers.

So when choosing such funnel products, it means that the shop has succeeded in attracting customers and increasing brand awareness.

If you love customers, you will quickly become loyal customers of the shop..

– Short product life cycle

If you want customers to come back many times, choose funnel products that have a short product life cycle.

– Easy to pack and transport so that it can be sold in bulk

– The product quality is much better than the customer’s money

After you have a product at the top of the funnel, you need to promote marketing for it. To reach more customers to visit your booth. If promoting MKT for top-of-the-funnel products but still facing traffic difficulties, you should choose 1 product in stock of the shop, reduce the price deeply and promote MKT to consider it as the second top-of-funnel product.