Flash Sale Hiệu Quả

1. Why is Flash Sale a customer satisfaction feature?
– Flash sale feels MUCH cheaper than usual
– Flash sale helps buyers EXPERIENCE themselves as a special person, a LUCKY buyer
– Flash sale takes place in a short time, making buyers feel HAPPY because the number of products is limited
2. What are the benefits of Flash Sale?
– Increase conversion rate because customers always want to buy in Flash sale frame
– There is a lot of traffic to flash sale products
– Buyers who get a good Flash Sale deal tend to FOLLOW the shop and recommend it to friends
– Flash sale products will be notified to customers who have added products to the cart because they are customers who have a need, so when the product is deeply discounted in the Flash sale frame, they will easily make a decision. Purchase.
3. How to have the most effective Flash sale of the Shop?
-Choose products: Selecting products to run Flash sale is also an extremely important thing that directly affects the effectiveness of that Flash sale program. Should choose the products that are selling well, the main products in the shop
– Don’t run too many products in the shop, everyone should focus on a few key products
– Run Flash sales for new products 
– Time frame: Flash sale frames are also divided into 2 types of Super sale days and weekdays.
* Super Sale day with short time frames usually from 30p – 2h. Golden time frames: 0h – 0h30, 12h – 12h30, 22h – 24h
* Weekdays with longer time frames usually from 2-3 hours. Flash sale combines external traffic pulling and internal QC to get the best effect. Golden hour frame 9H 12H 21H every day.
  1. Flash Sale 2-3 TIMES a week to increase interaction with potential customers
  2. Flash Sale price should be reduced from 50% and reduced differently from other regular promotions
  3. Can be combined with other MKT programs in the shop, such as buying with a shock deal to sell other products in the shop to help increase order value.
  4. Share Flash sale deals on MXH platforms, Shopee Feed,…